2018 Kannon-Jizo Junpai (Pilgrimage)

Join us on our Annual Kannon-Jizo Junpai on May 27, Sunday at 8:00 AM

Junpai means pilgrimage in Japanese. We will be going to different places on the island (Oahu) visiting temples and sites enshrining Kannon and Jizo Bodhisattva.

Let’s all have a fun-filled day of honoring and sharing the teachings of Kannon and Jizo Bodhisattvas by visiting three temples. It will be a day of sharing fellowship by riding a bus and having lunch together.

Please call us for more information and to sign up

These are the temples that we will be visiting this year.

Millilani Cemetery
Wahiawa Ryusenji
Wahiawa Hongwanji
Waipahu Taiyoji

$25 for adults (includes bus, bento & drink)
$10 for children (age 6 to 12)

Please bring Osaisen (Offering), Juzu and Wagesa if you have.